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Blom-Singer ClassicFlow® And EasyFlow® HMEs

Blom-Singer EasyFlow and ClassicFlow HMEs

Choosing the right HME is easy: Blom-Singer HMEs

Take your pick: the Blom-Singer ClassicFlow or the new Blom-Singer EasyFlow. Both help ensure that you breathe humidified, filtered, and warmed air. Research shows that long term HME use results in:

  • Less mucus1
  • Less coughing1
  • Less risk of shortness of breath, fatigue, sleep problems, anxiety, and depression 1,2
The Blom-Singer EasyFlow HME

The Blom-Singer EasyFlow HME

Breathe easier at work or play

With EasyFlow, you can breathe a little easier. Its foam filter is more porous than the ClassicFlow. This allows you to breathe more freely to match your activity level and pulmonary needs. The beige tint and non-reflective surface texture make the EasyFlow less noticeable.

The Blom-Singer ClassicFlow HME

The Blom-Singer ClassicFlow HME

Breathe healthy day or night

ClassicFlow helps assure you breathe warmed, filtered and humidified air - all day, every day - to reduce respiratory symptoms after a total laryngectomy. ClassicFlow is designed for increased moisture retention and resistance.

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EasyFlow and ClassicFlow - both share unique advantages

For everyday or more active use, the choice is easy:Blom-Singer HMEs

For more information or to order the new Blom-Singer EasyFlow HME, Blom-Singer ClassicFlow HME or Blom-Singer HumidiFilter System, contact InHealth Technologies.

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BE 1055EFBlom-Singer EasyFlow HME - for 24-hour use, 30 per pack
BE 1055EZBlom-Singer ClassicFlow HME - for 24-hour use, 30 per pack
BE 1060Blom-Singer Humidifilter Holder, 1 each
BE 1080Blom-Singer Humidifilter Holder Foam Filters, 30 per pack


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2. Ackerstaff AH, Hilgers FJ, et al. Heat and moisture exchangers as a treatment option in the post-operative rehabilitation of laryngectomized patients. Clinical Otolaryngology. 1995;20:504-509.

3. Research and Product Development Study, HME Test. RD-237.