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Advantage® Indwelling Voice Prostheses, Soft Valve Assembly

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16 Fr. 6mm | AS 1606-NS
16 Fr. 8mm | AS 1608-NS
16 Fr. 10mm | AS 1610-NS
16 Fr. 12mm | AS 1612-NS
16 Fr. 14mm | AS 1614-NS
20 Fr. 4mm | AS 2004-NS
20 Fr. 6mm | AS 2006-NS
20 Fr. 8mm | AS 2008-NS
20 Fr. 10mm | AS 2010-NS
20 Fr. 12mm | AS 2012-NS
20 Fr. 14mm | AS 2014-NS
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The Blom-Singer® Advantage® Indwelling Voice Prosthesis (Soft Valve) is embedded with silver oxide as a material preservative. Includes nonsterile voice prosthesis for secondary or replacement TEP procedures, with insertion/cleaning accessories.