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Renu Voice / Renu Gel

RENU: The Power of Voice

Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA)

for long term management of vocal fold insufficiency

RENU Voice

Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose (Na-CMC)

for short term management of vocal fold insufficiency


The choice for long- or short-term augmentation

RENÚ Voice is for long-term augmentation:

  • A buffered hydrogel with synthetic, proven-biocompatible calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) particles 25 to 45 microns in size for consistent and easy injection.1

RENÚ Gel is for short-term augmentation:

  • A buffered hydrogel of sodium carboxymethylcellulose2 (Na-CMC) and glycerin.
  • Resorbs slowly in vivo, providing a scaffold for local tissue infiltration.3

Higher volume, less waste

Both RENÚ Voice and RENÚ Gel provide a greater volume of material than competitive products: 1.5 cc vs. 1.0 cc.1 The greater volume:

  • Helps eliminate waste and inconvenience.
  • Reduces the added cost of opening additional syringes.

Convenience and comfort at your fingertips

Both RENÚ Voice and RENÚ Gel are provided in sterile, ready-to-use 1.5 cc syringes with ergonomic finger grips and 2-year shelf life.

Inject RENÚ Voice or RENÚ Gel percutaneously with a needle of your choice. 

Side view of larynx


Operating Room (OR) Trans-Oral Injection

  • Visualization via direct laryngoscopy or micro-laryngoscopy
Operating Room Trans-Oral Injections

Operating Room Trans-Oral Injections

Office Based Trans-Oral Injection

  • Topical anesthesia
  • Attach appropriate needle to RENÚ
  • Prime needle with RENÚ (dead volume equals ≈0.28cc)
Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA)

Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA)

Office Based Percutaneous Injections

Cricothyroid Cartilage Approach

Cricothyroid Cartilage Approach

Thyroid Cartilage Approach

Thyroid Cartilage Approach

Thyroid Approach

Thyroid Approach

RENU Voice is FDA-cleared and CE-marked for injectable VFI augmentation applications.

RENU Gel is FDA-cleared for injectable VFI augmentation applications.¹

08-015-00-V04RENÚ Gel Hydrogel Implant, 1.5cc
08-015-04-V04RENÚ Voice Calcium Hydroxylapatite Implant, 1.5cc
08-015-04-VOIRENÚ Voice Calcium Hydroxylapatite Implant, 1.5cc, CE

These products are restricted to sale or use by a licensed professional only.

Billing CodeDescriptionRx
31570Direct laryngoscopy with injection (office and OR)
31571Microlaryngoscopy with injection ( OR only) (microscopic or telescopic)
31574Laryngoscopy, flexible; with injection(s) for augmentation
31575Laryngoscopy, flexible; diagnostic
31579Laryngoscopy, flexible or rigid telescopic, with stroboscopy
31599Flexible laryngoscopy with injection (trans-oral or percutaneous)
L8607Injectable bulking agent for vocal cord medialization, 0.1 cc

Source: 12.3.19

Support from a trusted global leader

RENÚ Voice and RENÚ Gel are backed with comprehensive support from InHealth Technologies, a global leader.

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1. Data on file, InHealth Technologies.
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